Sheep Genetics for Sale

Grandvewe Cheeses has the full range of sheep genetics for sale. We have both semen and embryos available for local and overseas markets.

Semen is available from purebred Grandvewe Dairysheep, and we also have pure Awassi and East Friesland (white) and East Friesland (black) semen.

The black East Frieslands are very rare is Australia and originate from a breed called Zwartbles. This breed is much hardier than its white cousins without any loss of milkability.

All rams are DNA tested ensuring semen is collected from genetically diverse animals. We have the largest range of sheep genetics for sale for Awassi sheep.

Prices start from $25 per straw for orders over 5000

For information on embryo and semen sales, please contact us at or use any of the details on our contact us page.

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