Grandvewe Dairysheep

Uniquely Australian, hardy and robust

The Grandvewe Dairysheep is a robust and drought tolerant breed ideally suited to the harsh Australian environment which can be hot one minute and freezing cold the next.

Here at Grandvewe Cheeses we have been milking sheep for 10 years now. When we first started milking we used the East Friesland (sometimes referred to as East Fresian) which is renowned as the world’s largest dairy breed.¬†However they also have a delicate constitution being prone to pneumonia. Therefore in Australia where sheep are all farmed in paddocks unlike Europe where most animals are housed, they easily succumb to our harsh environment. They are also a pink skinned animal and exposure to the harsh Australian sun means that they an easily develop squamous cell carcinomas on exposed areas – typically the vulva, ears and eyes. They become distressed when the temperature is over 28 degrees centigrade and do not weather cold wet and windy conditions well either, so life down here in Tasmania for the East Friesland is difficult.¬†It is for this reason that we have created the Grandvewe Dairysheep.

Unfortunately Australia has access to very few true milking breeds of sheep and we believe this is the major reason why the sheep milk industry has struggled to grow in Australia compared with Europe……until The Grandvewe Dairysheep was born!

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